How to speak English fluently and confidently

How to speak English fluently and confidently infmedia24

Hi, just answer these questions very honestly.

Q1. Do you feel shy or embarrassed in while speaking English?
Q2. Do you have to think about grammar rules, and translate every word in your head before you speak?
Q3. Do you Forget your words in conversations, like you know what you want to say, but you are not able to recall that word when you speak?

Well, if you struggle with this problem(s), then this blog is for you.

We all want to learn how to speak English fluently, but we do not know where to start? 

As, we all know the whole world has become a global village, and English is considered as the global language.
Speaking English allows you to actually broaden your world, from career opportunities to the ability to relate to people from every country of the world.

The Secrets of becoming a confident, fluent speaker in English is very simple. you just need to follow these five very easy steps to make your English sound more fluent.

1. Start Thinking in English
If you think in your native language and then you try to translate it in English, then you will keep facing so many problems, first of all, control your thoughts and start to think in English. I understand it is difficult at first, but after some time u will be habitual of it.

2. Just focus on English Fluency, Not Grammar
your prime goal is to deliver a message, not the show, someone, how much perfect you are in grammar and vocabulary.

3. Talk to yourself
Yes, It will look funny, I know. But by practicing a few minutes a day in front of the mirror you will get to know when and how to use different expressions.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes
One of the most basic methods of improving English is to talk, talk, talk.
The more you will talk, the better you will get. It does not matter whether you are correct or incorrect, what matters is that you are speaking and developing a habit out of it.
The more you will hear, the easier it will be for you to use more new words and sentences in an English conversation.

5. Learn Phrases, Not only Words
Your target is to speak English in full sentences. You’ll see that English is more useful in your everyday life if you study whole phrases, rather than just vocabulary and verbs.

No one is born with any skills. Everyone goes through this phase of learning. Just Don’t afraid to take a challenge.

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