Sanjay and Shravan: Aged 10 and 12, The Youngest CEOs Of India

Sanjay and Shravan Aged 10 and 12, The Youngest CEOs Of India

At an age when we don’t even know the basics of programming,  but Sanjay and Shravan: Aged 10 and 12,  two tech-savvy brothers have become the youngest Mobile Application developer in India.

One thing that’s very common about geniuses in the world is how early they announce themselves to the world.

Sanjay Kumaran and his elder brother Shravan, two brothers from Chennai who founded a software firm called GoDimensions in 2012, perhaps India’s youngest entrepreneurs.

Sanjay and Shravan were only in their sixth and eighth grade respectively when they launched their first mobile phone application.

The youngest brother Sanjay (10) is a CEO of the firm whereas Shravan(12) is a President of ‘GoDimensions’.

The Kumaran brothers have created around 11 apps till date. The first app ‘Catch Me Cop’ came out after 150 tested apps.

The two brothers are deeply inspired by Steve Jobs, “for innovation and never say die attitude even in tough adversity.

In the last six years, the brothers have developed 11+ applications with over 70,000+ downloads!

Even former president of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, personally emailed them after he saw their website.

They have even given a talk at TedX.

The two have previously made a presentation at IIM Bangalore.

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